Kazuhiko Hirose trained at Kaiseki Masuda, the popular Osaka restaurant permanently booked up a year in advance that was selected for the Michelin Guide four years in a row. It is his heartfelt wish to please the people of Dubai with his beautiful, artistic Japanese cuisine.


“Sweets to make you healthy and beautiful”

At ERICHE we strive to produce safe, reliable and handmade products. Our concept is to create sweets that make you healthy and beautiful. ERICHE products do not contain refined sugar, which damages your health, but instead use traditional Japanese plant-based ingredients to cut calories and decrease the risk of obesity. We constantly think about how we can make healthier versions of everybodyfs favourite sweets so that they can be enjoyed every day. The secret to Japanese peoplefs longevity is in what they eat. We aim to tell this secret through our sweets.


Globally recognized Washoku

Authentic Japanese cuisine: from Dubai to the world, Japan Premium Cuisine provides Japanese cuisine to the world via Dubai,delivering smiles and good impressions to dining tables all over through ourconcept: `Sharing Japanese premium food culture`. The authentic Japanese cuisine provided by our catering and food retail supply services is prepared by a team of chefs from Kaiseki Masuda, a Japanese restaurant awarded two Michelin stars for four consecutive years. In the sweets department,Japanese cooking specialists Beauty Sweets Chef offer a special kind of dessert called ERICHE to help people eat well and live well for their health and beauty.



Welcome to Japan Premium Cuisine!

Washoku (traditional Japanese food) was added to the UNESCO IntangibleCultural Heritage list in 2013. The Japan Premium Cuisine project prepares halal versions of Japanese dishes so that everyone can experience the excellence of Japanese cuisine. The criteria for halal certification include not only religious but also food safety considerations to a high standard. So, in addition to Muslim people, halal versions of Japanese food can be enjoyed by people all over the world as a healthier, tastier alternative.

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Sushi and bento box department(supplying supermarkets and convenience stores)

Sushi and bento box department (supplying supermarkets and convenience stores) We use fresh ingredients selected with great care by one of our highly trained chefs.
Through our sushi and bento boxes we aim to introduce Japanese food culture with warmth and sincerity to the international residents of Dubai.


Catering department

Catering department For a memorable occasion for all guests The Japan Premium Cuisine project provides catering services for parties and events, designed to individual customer needs.
Depending on venue and guests,
parties differ considerably, so each one needs to have its own theme appropriate to the occasion. When we cater a party, we try to capture the spirit of the event. Our event planner suggests a plan suitable for the clientfs needs. The plan is then put into action by the chef, patissier and sushi chef, whose washoku skills are adaptable to fit a variety of situations, providing creative Japanese cuisine to fit the guestsf needs and preferences. One of our talented events coordinators creates an unforgettable atmosphere at the venue, while venue staff pay attention to every detail, providing memorable omotenashi (hospitality) for guestsf satisfaction. All our team members work together to guarantee your guestsf comfort, satisfaction and enjoyment.

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